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George Ciolpan was born in Republic of Moldova. In his childhood, he was trained for 10 years as an acrobat in a specialized school. At first, he studied at the University of Arts in Chisinau, Moldova where he got his degree of dramatic actor. He got his bachelor degree after graduating from the University of Theatre, Music and Cinematography of Saint Petersburg in Russia and he onwards specialized in pantomime, stage movement, acting, stage combat, fencing and body language psychology. He also had a training course at the Mime Body School of Drama in Paris, France.

By combining the great Russian theater school and the French pantomime style, George Ciolpan has managed to lead mime art in a new and original direction. George Ciolpan has produced and toured around the world many One Man Shows -Pantomime Shows, all written, directed and played by himself - his performances being always embraced with warm and well-earned applauses by his audience. George Ciolpan’s repertoire is made up of many different shows: pantomime shows for children, comic mime shows, dramatic mime shows etc. He is one of the few mimes in the world who combines mime techniques with dramatic and philosophical themes.

George Ciolpan has directed pantomime, stage movement, stage combat and fencing in many theatre productions in Russia, Moldova, Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, USA and China.
His extensive experience includes teaching, directing and conducting workshops and Master classes around the world. As a professor, George Ciolpan, has developed his own and unique system of training for actors and mimes, in which he combines Stanislavsky’s system with Meyerhold’s biomechanics, Michael Chekhov method and the achievements of other great Russian directors such as Vakhtangov and Tairov. George Ciolpan has been highly appreciated and awarded for his unique style and originality in many national and international Festivals of Pantomime, Marionette and Arts in the world.

With over more than twenty years of international success acquired from performing as a mime actor in various fields such as theatre, television, cinematography, cruise ships or corporate events, George Ciolpan is to be called a complete artist.

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